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Security Toll Booths (Sentry box) for parking and security are ideally suited for above or underground parking compounds, entrances and exits to colleges, universities, correctional facilities, hospitals, fairgrounds, and private corporations.Most of booths are prefabricated , and can be finished 100% so you can immediately use it after receipt.Our product is customized for size, material, layout, equipment and appearance,or customized in your choice of shapes and colors.

Name Sentry Box/sentry safe/security guard house
Style Modeling Square, Four-sided arc, Flat Top, Slope Top, Shape Top (customized is welcome)
Style Common Color Steel, European Style, Antique Style, Modern Style
Weight 200kg-500kg
Common Configuration Of Security Box
Item Details
Usual Specification Common size : 1200*1500*2400mm,1500*1500*2400mm,2000*2500*2400mm,2000*2000*2400mm,3000*3000*H2500mm(Rank according to LWH Size,customized size is welcome)
The Base And Frame Of The Sentry Box High Quality Cube Tube 50*50*2/80*80*2/100*100*3
Square Tube: 30*50*2, 40*60*2, 60*80*2
Angle Steel, Box Iron, I-steel, etc.
The Support Column Is Welded By High Quality Steel Structure.
Common Wall Material Color Steel, Stainless Steel (201 or 304),
Aluminum-plastic Panel, Metal Carved Panel,Anti-corrosion Wood,
Galvanized Steel, etc.(According to customer needs)
Common Floor Materials Reinforced Wooden Floor, Patterned Aluminum, Floor Glue,
Pattern Steel Plate, Floor Tiles, etc.;
Common Window Material Plastic Steel Doors And Windows,
Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows
Common Top Material Color Steel Flat Top, Colorful Tile Top;
Standard Configuration Energy-saving Lamps, Switches, sockets, Concealed Lines,
Work Surfaces, Power Boxes, etc. (custom-made is welcome)


Detailed Sentry Box Structure

Choose Wall Material 

Anti Corrosion Wood

Eps Sandwich Panel

Metal Carved Board

Interior Decoration

Distribution Box

Exhaust Fan

Paper Dispenser


Led Light

Aluminum Floor